Kempex – trusted reliability in additives and pharmaceuticals for the feed industry

Kempex has been active in generic feed-additives and API’s (Active pharmaceuticals ingredients) since 1987 with GMP+ warehouses in Europe and offices in China, the Middle-East and Africa.

In 2014 Kempex acquired the veterinary activities of Tocelo Pharma. Kempex represents Sichuan LONG MARCH (DHS, Neomycin, OTC, Streptomycin, Gentamycin), Jiangxi DONG FENG (Penicillines, Amoxycillin and Vitamins) and sells additional feed-ingredients including Lincomycin, Doxcycline, Florfenicol, Tylosin, each of these products with their respective comprehensive registration files (CEP, COS, DMF).

Our mission

Kempex believes every animal should be able to be fed and treated decently. Just as our tagline says ‘We care for animals’, Kempex provides preventative and curative products for optimal animal care. Kempex really takes animal care a step further.

Commitment to quality throughout the value chain

Kempex focuses on quality with the latest EU legislation as its base in manufacturing to ensure animal health. Our new premises also offer the highest quality in supply including traceability software and the best in warehousing making sure all our products are delivered on time, every time.

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